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xiTown, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Pro

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Zhongshan Yida Paper Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is located at No. 59, Industrial Avenue, Shaxi Town, Zhongshan City. The company is mainly engaged in food grade paper and industrial paper. The main products are food paper, imported / domestic kraft paper, kraft paper, copy paper, coated kraft paper, stretch paper bag paper, double offset paper, newsprint, clothing computer mark shelf paper and other packaging papers.

The company has imported high-speed automatic Slitter, Slitter, large rewinder, punch, paper cutter and other paper machinery. Can provide various slitting, slitting and rewinding services according to customer requirements. Our standing stock of Kraft and kraft base paper is more than 3000 tons, with complete varieties and specifications, which can meet the paper needs of various enterprises for a long time.

Yida paper always adheres to the concept of "honest cooperation and careful management" to provide customers with the best service and the most appropriate products. Win the trust and support of customers with unique product competitive advantages.

In order to further improve the influence of Yida paper industry in South China, our company is willing to share resources and sincerely cooperate with the printing industry and packaging industry to create a better tomorrow for the industry.

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