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Earth Dragon Double Adhesive Tape

Wide format 80/100/110/120cm Severe cut, customizable special rules
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The first agent of Dilong Double Adhesive Paper “Yida Paper Industry” is located in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. It is a professional double-adhesive paper supplier. Now has 20 years of industry experience, long-term supply of large-scale double-adhesive tape, can provide a variety of processing services. The main products are the supply of the ground paper double-adhesive paper roll, the double-coated high-speed paper-cutting, the double-adhesive paper rewinding, the special-cutting, the door-to-door and the after-sales integrated professional service process. Diversify to solve your problems, give customers the most worry-free, most assured professional services, one-stop.

Guangdong Zhongshan Longlong double-adhesive paper first-class agent "Yida Paper" now provides the ground-long double-adhesive paper standing specifications for the original paper reel specifications and flat specifications, the reel width is 31 inches, 43 inches, 48 inches 60-inch, 63-inch, 70-inch, 72-inch, 76-inch, 80-inch; flat-loading is mainly high-speed slitting for positive (787x1092mm), generous (898x1194mm) size, special over-cut size specifications are specifically provided by customers . The grammage is from 60g to 150g/mm. The processing services that can be provided include double-size adhesive tape, high-speed slitting, special slitting, double-footed paper rewinding, double-adhesive stripping, and so on.