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Huajin double adhesive tape

Wide format 80/100/110/120cm Severe cut, customizable special rules
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Yida Paper Huajin Double Adhesive Paper is a kind of domestic double-adhesive paper. It is a domestic brand of double-adhesive paper. It belongs to a series of renewable double-adhesive paper. The wood fiber is better and has obvious wood fiber grain. Applicable to a large group of customers. The physical properties of Huajin double-adhesive paper are tensile, smoothness and whiteness, which are medium-to-high-end. It is suitable for printing products.

Huajin double-adhesive paper "Yida Paper" now provides Huajin double-adhesive paper with the specifications of the original paper reel and flat specifications. The reel width is 31", 43", 48", 60", 63". 70-inch, 72-inch, 76-inch, 80-inch; flat-loading is mainly high-speed slitting for positive (787x1092mm), generous (898x1194mm) size, special over-cut size specifications are specifically provided by customers. The weight is 70g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 160g, 180g. The processing services available are double-size adhesive tape, high-speed slitting, special-cutting, double-foot paper rewinding. Double tape slitting and so on.