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17g Guilin double copy

53x96cm、78x108cm,Special rules can also be customized
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17g double-sided Guilin copy paper is a kind of high-grade cultural industrial paper with high production difficulty, and it is also a kind of pure wood pulp copy paper. The physical properties are mainly such as: high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good appearance properties, fine, smooth, smooth, no bubble sand, good printability. 17g double-sided Guilin copy paper is the most prominent, and of course the price is more expensive than others.

Some uses of 17g double-sided Guilin copy paper, which specifically include:

Fruit packaging: copy paper is an important paper in northern fruit packaging materials. It was mainly used to package Sydney, hence the name Sydney paper;

Clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging: in the southern market of China, copy paper is mainly used for the packaging of clothing, footwear, leather goods and other products;

Porcelain, wine, crafts packaging: with moisture, ventilation, protection, stereotypes. Copy paper printing: copy paper has good printing effect, can print monochrome, two-color, four-color, corporate logo, trademark, can be dyed into red, blue, gold, silver and other colors;

It is used for engraving in engraving art: due to the special nature of copy paper, the ink does not spread, so when using engraving, use copy paper to write the manuscript.