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Domestic white kraft paper

787,889,1092,1194mm,positive and large slitting, customizable special rules
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Domestic white kraft paper raw paper reel supply, domestic white kraft paper high-speed slitting, kraft paper rewinding, kraft paper slitting, special rules cutting, door-to-door and other professional services. Form an integrated service process, giving customers the most worry-free and most assured kraft paper diversified service, one-stop solution to solve your problems!

The domestic white kraft paper brand supplier Guangdong "Yida Paper" is now mainly providing white kraft paper standing specifications with the original paper reel and flat specifications. The reel specifications are mainly 31-inch, 35-inch, 43-inch, and 47-inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Other special wide format specifications require further processing. White kraft paperback specifications are mainly positive (787x1092mm) and generous (889x1194mm). Other special flat-fit specifications require special cut-and-cut processing, which can be determined according to customer requirements.

The standing weight of domestic white kraft paper is 80-250g. Yida Paper has been working hard for 20 years. It is mainly providing professional services such as white kraft paper roll, white kraft paperback high-speed slitting, white kraft paper special cutting, rewinding, and door-to-door delivery. The integration of white kraft paper professional services gives customers the most worry-free and most promising supply service. Solve your diversification challenges.


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