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Canadian striped kraft paper

787,889,1092,1194mm,Severe cut, customizable special rules
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"Yida Paper" Canadian striped kraft paper details:

A Canadian striped kraft paper:

Jian'an Large Striped Kraft Paper is a single-sided flat-panel wrapper with a yellow-brown color and a striped strip. It is similar to chicken skin and is often called chicken skin. It belongs to a kind of high-grade paper, and the price is relatively expensive. Generally, all of the unbleached sulfite wood pulp is used as a raw material, and the long fiber is beaten in a free form, and is not bleached, and is prepared by using a Yankee single-cylinder paper machine or a long-wire paper machine.

Second, "Yida Paper" Canada striped kraft paper features specifications and uses:

"Yida Paper" Canadian striped kraft paper is tough, has high bursting resistance, folding resistance and water resistance, and has good luster. The main weight is 130g, which is often measured in rolls and flat sheets. Canadian striped kraft paper is mainly used for paper-cutting. Some factories do not have a computer plotter. They need to use the cut paper to draw on the truss paper and then cut it. It can also be used for packaged foods, daily necessities, etc., and can also be printed.

Third, Canada's striped kraft paper professional supplier "Yida Paper" introduction:

"Yida Paper" is a manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of Canadian striped kraft paper. The price is favorable, and can provide any special regulations, slitting and rewinding according to customer requirements.