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787,889,1092,1194mm, positive and large slitting, customizable special rules
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American kraft professional supplier Guangdong Zhongshan "Yida Paper", located in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan, is a professional American brand kraft paper processing factory. The regular US kraft paper specifications are raw paper reels and flat specifications. The main American kraft paper brands are American Dragon Kraft Paper, American Hui Kraft Paper, American Stone Kraft Paper, American Loton Kraft Paper, etc. American kraft paper belongs to the high-end products of cattle cardboard. The price is slightly more expensive than domestic kraft paper. It belongs to high-grade whole wood pulp double-sided cattle cardboard, and can also be called American cardboard paper. Compared with the domestic kraft paper, the physical properties such as smoothness, tension and stiffness are higher, and a variety of colors can be printed.

US kraft professional supplier "Yida Paper" is now available in the United States kraft paper specifications for the original paper reel, and flat specifications, the reel width specifications are 29-inch, 31-inch, 35-inch, 43-inch, 45-inch, 47-inch, 63 inches and so on. The weight should be 175g-450g. The types of processing currently available include primary paper rewinding, high-speed slitting of base paper, special-cutting of stripping, and slitting. The high-speed slitting size is generally positive (787x1092mm) and large (889x1194mm), and the special slitting size can be processed according to the size requirements provided by customers. Give customers the most worry-free, most assured supply service, solve all kinds of diversified problems, and get one-stop.