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60-inch, 63-inch, 72-inch, can also be customized
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Yida paper garment bottom paper, one can be divided into recycled news paper and printing paper, etc., are thin paper series, depending on which customer is used to. Of course, there are better ones. The various degrees of paper depend on your budget cost. Here is an example of the bottom paper that customers use.

Recycled newsprint, generally used to roll up newsprint, with a weight of 38g, 50g2 grams, web specifications: 60 inches, 63 inches, 72 inches, paper length of about 6000 ~ 13000mm. Processing and rewinding into the size of the customer's finished product as required. Usually a roll of about 100kg.

The printing base paper is gray like the recycled newsprint. The weight is about 30g. The paper quality is better than the recycled newsprint. The price is slightly more expensive. The reel specifications are 60 inches, 63 inches and 72 inches.

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