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126g-450g domestic single-sided cattle card

126、175、230g、 250g、300g、350g、400g、450g
787, 889, 1092, 1194 mm positive cut, customizable special rules
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Yida Paper single-sided cattle cardboard is divided into many types and has various brand types. Single-sided cattle cardboard refers to a rough, rough-sided cow cardboard. Domestically produced Qingshan cattle card, single-sided red cattle, Shandong cattle card, dragon cattle card, Lee Man cattle card, Jiamusi cattle cardboard and so on. Imports include Dutch cattle cards, New Zealand cattle cards, and American dragon brand cattle cardboard. Physical characteristics vary, and prices can be met at all levels.

The weight range of single-sided cattle cardboard in Yida Paper is generally 126g-450g, and the weight range is relatively large. Can meet the printing needs of various cartons, cardboard, cards, crepe paper, etc. The product specifications are roughly cut and can be customized.


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