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Chicken skin

Chicken skin 130g
Chicken skin 35 inches, 47 inches, or a flat sheet
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Yida paper garments with chicken skin paper features:

Yida paper garments use chicken skin paper to produce imported paper in Canadian pure wood pulp. The stiffness is good and the grain is more obvious. Generally used for cutting paper samples, the physical characteristics are very prominent, and there is no problem in repeated use in the proofing process. Therefore, if it is more cost-effective to make a product or chicken paper from the long-term cost, it can be reused dozens of times. Even hundreds of times.

The weight of the paper for the use of chicken paper in Yida Paper is generally 130g. The product specifications are generally flat sheets of positive size, or 35-inch, 47-inch reel base paper, which can be re-rolled into finished products according to customer requirements. specific.


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