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Kraft paper news
  • What should you pay attention to when printing kraft paper?


    We know that kraft paper is generally used for packaging, and it is often used in the printing process depending on its use before being used for product packaging. Unlike other kraft papers, kraft paper for printing is very prone to problems when slitting. Below Yida Paper, we will talk about the small details of several kraft papers for printing:

    1. The most common printing method for flat sheet paper is offset printing, so it is best to prevent paper dust and other particles from entering the printing machine with the paper. When cutting, select the most suitable paper cutter material according to the cut paper. And angle.

    2. The closer the kraft paper is to the core, the greater the degree of bending. For the paper close to the core, it should be closed and cannot be used to jump out. In the high-kilogram kraft paper and paperboard, the core portion of the paper cannot be used, and the thicker the cardboard or the smaller the diameter of the core, the more cardboard is discar