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Cattle paper news
  • Analysis of technical scheme for coating white-faced cattle cardboard


    1. Raw material composition and pulp line configuration
    1.1 Analysis of raw material structure
    There are two kinds of coated white-faced cattle cardboard, one is the cattle cardboard that bleaches the wood pulp noodles, and is coated with white-faced cattle cardboard I; the other is the surface coated cattle cardboard to coat the white-faced cattle cardboard. II said. In the domestic general market, if not specified, the coated white-faced cattle cardboard generally refers to the coated white wood pulp liner board, usually composed of a top layer, a core layer, a bottom layer and a coating layer. The base paper surface layer slurry is bleached wood pulp and partially deinked pulp, the core layer is deinked pulp, and the bottom layer is OCC waste paper pulp. The raw materials of the same layer of white paperboard are shown in Table 1.
    It can be seen from Table 1 that the coated white-faced cattle cardboard uses more OCC slurry instead of the deinked pulp. Therefore, the same