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Double-sided white cattle card

787,889,1092,1194mm,positive and large slitting, customizable special rules
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Yida paper double-sided white cattle cardboard is actually high-gram paper of white kraft paper, generally refers to white kraft paper of 150g or more. Today, white kraft paper generally has low weight in the market, and it is low-gram white kraft paper, so double The demand for white cattle card inventory is generally not very large, and the maximum weight of double-sided white cattle cardboard is about 350g, 400g, such weight is generally not stocked, the demand is too small, and the white paper is easy to change color, so the demand Customers are better able to communicate in a timely manner.

The weight of the double-sided white cattle cardboard is 150g-400g, and the weight of 250g or more needs to be customized, so the amount is required. Yida Paper's double-sided white cardboard inventory specifications are generally large-scale reels, equipped with a variety of large processing equipment. Among them are German imported high-speed automatic slitting machine, slitting machine, the most advanced computer truss paper roll machine, large rewinding machine, garment cardboard beer machine and other paper machinery. Can be processed as required (cutting, rewinding, slitting, etc.).


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