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Double-sided red cow

787,889,1092,1194mm,positive and large slitting, customizable special rules
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Guangdong Zhongshan double-sided red cattle jam manufacturer "Yida Paper" is located in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan, has been operating in this industry for 20 years, factory direct double-sided red cattle cardboard. Years of hard work on the double-sided Red Bull cardboard brand Yida Paper, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, we continue to innovate, forming a diversified product, processing process, door-to-door, after-sales service process integration. Professional and secure, trustworthy and solve your problems.

Zhongshan double-sided red cattle jam manufacturers "Yida Paper" double-sided red cattle standing specifications are generally reel, paperback, the main standing weight is 175g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g, all kinds of weight specifications. Double-sided Red Bull Cardboard is referred to as double-sided Red Bull. It is a domestic double-sided cattle cardboard. The price is relatively cheap compared to the imported double-sided cattle cardboard. The main reason is that it is modeled after the American cattle cardboard. It is widely welcomed by customers!