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Double-sided shallow cow

787,889,1092,1194mm,Severe cut, customizable special rules
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Yida paper double-sided light-colored cattle cardboard, paper is similar to double-sided red cattle, this is a type of cattle cardboard, both have a two-sided color effect. It is a double-sided kraft paper type. The difference between double-sided light-colored cattle jams lies in the color, the color is brighter, the color is processed, so the light color, this kind of cattle cardboard is called light-colored cattle cardboard. It is suitable for making cartons, paper bags, printed materials and packaging boxes. The products made are brighter and more beautiful.

Double-sided light-colored cattle cardboard generally ranges in weight from 150g to 450g. Yida Paper's standard specifications are raw paper reels, which are generally large-size reels, but can also be customized. In terms of price, it is generally a few hundred more expensive than the double-sided red cow. Therefore, according to the demand, the light cow is beautiful in color and bright, and the price/performance ratio of this double-sided light-colored cow cardboard is high.


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