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Passive black card

Wide format 787/889/1092/1194mm ,Severe cut, customizable special rules
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Looking for a double-sided transparent black cardboard supplier in Guangdong? Please see the "Yida Paper" double-sided transparent black cardboard detailed introduction!

A transparent black cardboard is a thick, thick, and quantitative paper. In the past, some people planned to use the basis of quantification to divide: paper, cardboard and cardboard; colored cardboard is different in color, red is called red cardboard, green is called green cardboard, and black is called black cardboard.

Double-sided transparent black cardboard, 80-700G molding at a time, more than 700G can be processed and compounded. Yida Paper's double-sided transparent black cardboard is a double-sided black cardboard. The main weight is 80-450gg, and the domestic one is 200-500g. If you need more than 700g, you can talk about it.

The characteristics of double-sided translucent black are: environmentally friendly dyes, recyclable, non-polluting, no color difference on both sides, and the color of the middle part of the sandwich is also black. It is made from the wood pulp after the US waste is made. The stiffness is high, the pulling force is strong, and the molding is 80- 700g, more than 700g can be combined.

Double-sided transparent black cardboard use: suitable for photo albums, photo frames, back panels, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes, shoe boxes, stationery, clothing tags, notebooks, desk calendars, hand bags and speaker speakers, electronic pads and Crafts packaging, etc.