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Lee Man Cat

Wide format 787/889/1092/1194mm Severe cut, customizable special rules
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Like the Longniu cardboard, Liwen cattle cardboard is a brand of domestic cattle cardboard, because this cattle cardboard is made by Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd., so it is called Liwen cattle cardboard. Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd. ("Liewen Paper") was established in 1994 and has grown from a small company to one of the world's leading producers of boxboard base paper and pulp. The Group mainly produces kraft linerboard and corrugated medium for packaging of different grades and specifications to cater for the packaging needs of different industries.

Yida Paper Liwen cattle cardboard mainly has a weight of 126-300g, a single-sided kraft paper with a light color. The standing specifications are generally reel and flat, and its own processing factory is equipped with various large-scale processing equipment. Among them are German imported high-speed automatic slitting machine, slitting machine, the most advanced computer truss paper roll machine, large rewinding machine, garment cardboard beer machine and other paper machinery. Can be processed as required (cutting, rewinding, slitting, etc.).